Did Mesach Ssemakula put his fans to test?

In Summary
  • The show was a huge success
  • Fenon did an amazing stage
  • There was a scuffle at the entrance
  • Tickets to the show sold out

Mesach Ssemakula performing at Serena hotel during Mesach@46
Image: Annah Nafula

Ssemakula’s performance and stage organization could be the only things that saved him from the embarrassment of underestimating his worth.

Friday 19th May was the date Sir Mesach Semakula set for his Serena concert dubbed Mesach@46. The well-advertised concert indeed attracted Kampala’s old, Rich, and famous. Days prior to the event had seen the event organizers post every organizer’s dream announcement communicating that all tables had been sold out.

 I arrived at Serena and as usual, I thought I was way too early for the show, in Kampala, the show starts when it wills. Seldom, do event organizers at concerts keep their word, at this show, they did. Ssemakula was already on stage but how he survived the entrance brawl was my little miracle.

Outside Serena, a reveler visibly drunk was unreasonably arguing with a security guard with a gun, I only wondered why people crowded and watched. We live in depraved times as a country, I didn’t want to be named a causality for such an incident. I instead found my way into the hall.

A VIP ticket meant nothing. Everyone was pressing their way into the hall, the organizers kept yelling and thrusting people away from the entrances. Oh, poor Kampala girls! With their high heels and shimmering skimpy dresses, risking to lose their pricey eyelashes. All their “wanna-be” bearings were lost to the skirmish to see themselves into that Victoria Hall. Need I tell you about those dummy spongy bums losing their positions? Men and women alike were finding their way in. The numbers were way beyond what the hall could accommodate. The weaklings missed and gloomily walked back home with their tickets. Hopefully, they find it in their hearts to forgive the good old singer, Mesach.

Away from the entrance grapple, Fenon did an amazing at organizing the stage. The show was a celebration of Ugandan band music. Mesach Semakula hit the stage as the first performer with Ndeka Nkole, Walumbe mubbi, Totya bigambo, Bekengere, Kankutendereze, Abakazi abaguma, Ntongo, Bestie, Oli miss to the impression of his former bandsman Hon. Geofrey Lutaaya who was present at the show and Omwana wa Muteesa which got most of fans up to wiggle their waists in the celebration of the Kabaka. He displayed his impressive Maganda dance moves while the crowd applauded.

After Semakula’s first performance, other musicians then took on the stage including, Carol Natongo, Maureen Nantume, Catherine Kusaasira, Kibijigiri, Irene Namatovu, the lost and found Ronald Mayinja who was cheered as he sang his famous Landlord song, David Lutalo, and Jose Chemeleone put up a remarkable performance.Semakula returned on stage in an all-black outfit topped with a hat, he sang the late Basudde’s Baddu, First Aid, Taliyo, and many more. The show was capped with the song that made him Buganda’s sweetheart, Omutanda.

The show was attended by some notable City big shots including, Mrs. Margret Mayiga, the dear wife of the Katikiro of Buganda, Ebonies boss John Katende, Sam Bagenda aka Dr.Bbosa and fiancé, City businessman  Godfrey Kirumira, House Prayer Ministry lead Pastor Aloysious Bungingo with his fiancé Suzan Makula among others.We ended the night a little more peacefully than we started as departure was at leisure. Admiration to Serena Hotel security that managed the night without any particular deadly incidences. In the future, Sir Mesach Semakula should weigh in on how much love he’s garnered over the years before choosing a venue for his show.