GNL Zamba warns fellow artists against being violent

In Summary
  • He says violence puts the artists'  lives at stake
  • Pallaso apologized for battering Alien Skin
Legendary Rapper GNL Zamba
Image: Courtesy Photo

Legendary Rapper GNL Zamba warned fellow artists against being violent saying that the gesture puts their lives at stake.

The star’s reaction came following the video that went viral showing singer Pallaso battering upcoming artist Alien Skin. Zamba  gave the advice through the  post he shared  on socials and  stated that violence doesn't solve problems but rather creates more damages and losses citing   Mowzey Radio, Tupac, and Biggie who lost their lives due to violence and insults.

Meanwhile, about the video that made rounds on social media, Pallaso came out and apologized to the public for his actions.

Through the post he shared on his socials ,the  “Malamu” hit maker revealed that he lost his temper and misbehaved but went ahead and asked Alien Skin for forgiveness.

“For my brother Alien Skin, I am also genuinely sorry. Darkness can’t take out darkness, only light and I should know better. I take the full blame. I am sorry”, Pallaso said