Navio challenges rising artists to compete with Africa’s best musicians not fellow Ugandans

In Summary
  • Up coming artists should  work towards depriving  Africa’s best musicians most especially  Nigerians of the positions  they hold on the global market.
Image: Courtesy photo

Following his successful "20 years of Navio" concert, Legendary rapper Daniel Lubwama Kigozi  alias Navio challenged upcoming artists to put  their focus on competing with Africa’s best musicians  instead of fellow Ugandan artists if they are to enhance the growth of the music industry.

He noted that  artists should   work towards depriving   Nigerian artists such as Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy among many others, of the positions  they hold on the global market.

“You don’t need to compete against me. I am here with you, and I have dominated already. I want you to chase Wizkid and Davido because these are the guys we should be chasing as rising artists. We are behind you 100%”,Navio stated.

He explained that doubling  their efforts to compete with Africa's best musicians not only improves their careers but also the  Ugandan music industry at large.

Meanwhile the star previously celebrated 20 years of his music career in a successful concert held on 2nd/ September/at  Sheraton Hotel.