GNL Zamba warns artists against their urge to make hit songs

In Summary
  • The urge to make hit song has hindered their career growth
GNL Zamba
Image: Courtesy photo

Legendary Rapper GNL Zamba said that the urge to make hit songs among local  artists has hindered their career growth.

Through the video he shared  on his socials, the star noted  that the same urge for making hits has highly contributed to their financial ineptness since they end up spending the little money they have on paying for airplay.

Zamba said that the only way artists can have career growth is through being innovative enough to make good music that gives them opportunities  to partner with big organisations that can highly pay them.

The Baboon Forest Entertainment Boss  added that, that way artists continue earning even when their songs are no longer hits explaining that it's easy to make a hit song but earning from it is a hard task .

“Here in Uganda, a hit can be bought. Just get your sh15m and pay people to play your song. When they pay you about sh3m for a show, make sure you reach home with only sh300k. That is how a hit is made,”Zamba stated