Radio Death Anniversary:Gone but Never Forgotten!

In Summary
  • Mowzey died in 1st /February /2018
  • He  succumbed to injuries caused during a bar brawl in Entebbe.
Image: Courtesy photo

As the Ugandan music industry continues to evolve, the late Mowzey Radio’s impact remains a guiding force for aspiring artists and a lasting testament to a life well-lived in the world of music.

Today 1st/February/2024  marks exactly six years ever since the talented Mowzey Radio was announced dead after he  succumbed to injuries caused during a bar brawl in Entebbe.

Though he passed on , his legacy leaves on through the beautiful music he made that still warms hearts and puts smiles on people’s faces.

Radio played a pivotal role in uplifting fellow Ugandan artists to international acclaim. Notably, he collaborated with Keko on the track “How We Do It,” contributing to one of Keko’s biggest hits. The collaboration later earned the track a prestigious Channel O award. Radio and Weasel have several other collaborations with artists such as Rabadaba, Viboyo, GNL Zamba, B2C, Irene Ntale, Juliana, and Blu*3, among others.

Throughout his career, Radio aimed at raising the bar in Ugandan music, a goal that didn’t go unnoticed. His partner Weasel has released few solo songs and collaborations however he  has always confessed to be facing a tough time, coping up being without his friend, brother and singing partner

Weasel previously revealed that efforts are in progress to arrange a special concert before the end of this year "2024" dedicated to celebrating Mowzey’s  life and music ,in addition to that  Weasel disclosed plans for a Netflix documentary that will serve as a tribute to the late .