Roast And Rhyme to Celebrate 20th Edition with Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam

In Summary
  • Roast And Rhyme's 20th Edition in Uganda offers live music, barbecue, and a lakeside picnic, featuring diverse genres and top talents, with early bird tickets available.
Revellers roasting and Rhyming
Image: Swangz Avenue

Roast And Rhyme, Uganda's premier annual event renowned for its distinctive fusion of live music, barbecue delights, and a lakeside picnic setting, is gearing up for its milestone 20th Edition themed Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam. This lively experience is set to captivate attendees with an electrifying showcase of reggae and ragga performances by Uganda's top talents.

Since its inception eight years ago, Roast And Rhyme has showcased over 100 talented artists and drawn in more than 50,000 enthusiastic revelers, solidifying Swangz Avenue’s role as a key supporter of Uganda’s dynamic music scene.

The 20th Edition of Roast And Rhyme will take place on March 3rd at Jahazi pier Munyonyo. Gates open at 11 am, encouraging attendees to arrive early and soak up the lakeside atmosphere while enjoying the lake breeze, live music, and the camaraderie of friends and family.

Reggae enthusiasts are in for a treat as the event features a stellar lineup, encompassing reggae, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and local Ugandan music. From established icons to emerging artists, Roast And Rhyme promises a diverse musical journey, celebrating the rich tapestry of Uganda's music scene.

A key highlight of Roast And Rhyme is the immersive barbecue experience, allowing attendees to relish a delectable array of grilled meats and culinary delights. The communal aspect of sharing food amplifies the social ambiance, encouraging a sense of community as friends and families gather to enjoy the festivities.

Early bird tickets are available at 70k, with gate tickets priced at 100k. Secure your spot online via for a front-row seat to this unforgettable celebration of music, food, and community.

Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam. Attendees are encouraged to express themselves through reggae-themed outfits, adding a splash of color to the lakeside festivities.

Revealers are encouraged to buy their tickets early so as to get a chance to be part of a day of rhythmic beats, mouthwatering barbecues, and a community united by the love of music and good food. Roast And Rhyme's 20th Edition promises an extraordinary experience that transcends two decades of shared memories.

For more information, reach out to Swangz Avenue via email