Swangz Avenue: 9 Years of Roasting and Rhyming with Ugandans

In Summary
  • 20th Roast and Rhyme: "Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam" at Jahazi Pier by Swangz Avenue.
  • Rain added charm; attendees enjoyed music, food, and community.
  • Artists like King Micheal and Cindy Sanyu made it memorable.
Revellers Roasting their Meats
Image: Swangz Avenue

The 20th edition of Roast and Rhyme, themed "Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam, unfolded at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo, delivering an unforgettable fusion of music, food, and vibrant atmosphere, curated by the talented team at Swangz Avenue.

Despite a gentle rain drizzle at the event's commencement, the weather only added to the charm, creating a cool and pleasant ambiance. Attendees embraced the unique atmosphere, setting the stage for an exceptional day.

The anticipation among the crowd was tangible as friends and families gathered early to immerse themselves in a day filled with music, laughter, and delectable food.

The culinary offerings were diverse, ensuring that everyone's taste buds were tantalized with the aroma of grilled meats and flavorful spices.

What set this edition apart was the revival of the communal experience, with attendees bringing their own grills and meat to roast by the lakeside. This nostalgic tradition added a special touch, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

The lineup of performers, including Mark Da Urban, Abeeka Band, Double Black Band, Vyper Ranking, King Micheal, and Cindy Sanyu, kept the audience on their feet throughout the event. A surprise collaboration between King Micheal and Jose Chameleone added an unexpected and electrifying twist to the festivities, showcasing the spontaneity and magic that Roast and Rhyme has become known for.

A good time was had
A good time was had
Image: Swangz Avenue

Swangz Avenue and their team surpassed expectations with the seamless execution of the event. The Reggae Ragga Nyam Nyam Edition in 2024 welcomed both first-timers and loyal attendees to the unique #RoastAndRhyme vibe.

Security measures were thorough, with two active checkpoints ensuring a safe environment for everyone. The ticketing process, though momentarily slowed down due to the influx of attendees, was efficiently managed by the team.

Inside the venue, the vibrant Rasta colors of Red, Gold, and Green adorned the decor, perfectly complementing the Reggae Ragga theme. Special mention goes to Buzz Events for their exceptional production experience and early setup. The stage, adorned with state-of-the-art barricades, emanated elegance and perfectly matched the overall vibe.

The early setup allowed attendees to soak in the reggae vibes, keeping the energy high from the moment the gates opened. The return of the communal experience of people roasting their own meat added a nostalgic touch, reviving a beloved tradition.


Security inside the venue was commendable, with a visible presence of policemen, army personnel, and bouncers making rounds to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

In summary, the 20th edition of #RoastAndRhyme proved to be a remarkable celebration, seamlessly blending music, gastronomy, and community spirit. Swangz Avenue once again demonstrated their event organizing prowess, creating an experience that will linger in the memories of attendees for a long time.