Limited Private Sector investment towards CCI's block their growth

In Summary
  • The new study  reveals that the informality among  creative businesseses  delays their growth.
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The new study revealed that limited Private Sector investment towards the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI’s)has contributed to the delay of their   growth.

The study conducted by Culture and Development East Africa in five regions including Gulu,Kampala , Mbale ,Arua  among others in a period of 3  months further indicated that  lack of entrepreneur skills among creative businesses  also fuels their downfall.

 While disseminating the report Ayeta Wangusa the Lead Researcher said that lack of entrepreneur skills not only affects proper running of those businesses  but also hinders private sector players from investing in them viewing it as a risk.

She explained that limited knowledge and lack of internal capacity that can lead to a paradigm shift also affects CCI’s ability to attract the global market.

Ayeta said that the informality among creative businesses  as well contributes  to the stunted growth of the sector since they have no clear ways of making accountability on how businesses run.

Ayeta went ahead and called upon the government and several players to support the Culture and creative sectors saying that it will avail funds and improved  infrastructure that can facilitate the development of the industries.

Woman MP Bugweri District also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum for Creative Arts Rachel Magoola
Image: Namutebi Phiona

At the same event, the Woman MP Bugweri District also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum for Creative Arts Rachel Magoola  asked government  to establish the Culture and Creative Ministry as it will help in enhancing their  growth .

She noted that currently the creative industry has failed to grow due to lack of  an appropriate  ministry that can provide  guidance to  several players,

”At the moment the creative economy is scattered in 6 different  ministries where it is less prioritized , no one bothers  to document the power of this industry , if there’s a  ministry attention will be paid to what is necessary to show government and the public that it is even bigger than the Petroleum ,coffee and  other sectors”,Magoola stated.