Astar 95: Nafuna Esther's Journey to the Top

In Summary
  • Astar 95: Nafuna Esther, a teacher and artist, started in church music, entered the commercial scene in 2019, and releases hit songs mainly in Lumasaba to promote her culture and combat tuberculosis.
  • Achievements: Awarded Best Female Artist in the East 2022/2023, she joined MT Records and hosted "Girls Rising with Astar" to empower women in the creative industry.
Astar 95 aka Nafuna Esther
Image: Courtesy Photo

Meet Astar 95, real name Nafuna Esther. Born on July 10th, she is a multifaceted talent: a writer, recording and performing artist, and a practicing teacher of Literature and English. Esther's musical journey began in the church's Sunday school choir and continued through her school years. She entered the commercial music scene in 2019 and has been making waves ever since.

Astar 95 has released hit songs like "Firstcut," "Follow You," "Sober," and "Omwana wa’Bandi." Notably, 90% of her music is sung in Lumasaba, showcasing and promoting her mother tongue. Her unique approach has propelled her to the top of a male-dominated industry in her home region, earning her opportunities to perform on big stages such as the Capital FM National Tour and collaborate with the Ministry of Health under PACE & Global Fund to use her music to combat tuberculosis.

Her resilience and talent were recognized when she and her team were awarded Best Female Artist in the East 2022/2023. This achievement caught the attention of the fast-growing record label MT Records, which brought her on board, marking a significant turning point in her career.

OMWANA WA'BANDI by ASTAR 95 Managed by MT Records Uganda

In December 2023, Astar 95 held a highly successful concert, Girls Rising with Astar," amplifying the voices of females in the creative industry and encouraging women to persevere in a male-dominated society. This event was the most successful of the year, and she looks forward to continuing the momentum with Girls Rising with Astar in 2024.

Stay tuned as Astar 95 continues to break barriers and inspire through her music and advocacy!