Father Kiibi lashes at security agencies

By Sania Babirye

Father Kiibi Deogratious has attacked the security agencies in the country for using guns in their possession to recklessly kill and torture Ugandans.

Speaking at the burial of frank Senteza in Masaka, father Kibbi wondered how army and police if they know that God is there when they kill innocent Ugandans.

Father Kibbi has however warned security agencies that those tears of the victims will follow them and that whatever actions they do, they should know that one day they will have to pay for their actions.

He added that having opposition should not be looked at as a crime but as a development of democracy .

He has called upon security operatives with guns to give respect to Ugandans by valuing their lives.

He has also urged Ugandans to turn up and vote despite the ongoing violence being inflicted on them.

He has also told mourners that despite being blamed by the public that they say don’t speak out on the killings going on by security operatives, father Kibbi said that as bishops they are helpless because if security operatives can fire teargas at them, then how can they listen to what they say.

Meanwhile presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has said that despite the state operatives killing and torturing them, they will not be intimidated in their struggle for the liberation of this country.

Bobiwine says that president Museveni has already done whatever evil he can do and that as NUP, they will not turn back now.

He has called upon president Museveni to either hand over power peaceful or wait to allegedly go as other dictators in Africa like Libya’s Gaddafi.

Eddie Mutwe who heads Bobiwine’s private security team has told Robert Kyagulanyi to not regret his struggle despite some of them losing their lives in the process.

Mutwe told mourners that no body forced them to join the struggle but joined willingly and that they are ready to pay the ultimate price for the liberation even if they have to lose their own lives.