FDC urges government to close boarders immediately

By Sania Babirye

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change has called on government to immediately close all Ugandan borders crossings if the country is to contain the Corona virus and save the lives of Ugandans.

In a press statement issued by the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, FDC says the fight against corona virus is being frustrated by president Museveni’s failure to put the safety of the lives of Ugandans before the economy by refusing to stop truck drivers and those coming a from abroad from entering the country.

Amuriat says its no use for president Museveni to keep the economy surviving by refusing to close National boarders while Ugandans contract and die from COVID-19.

He further says president Museveni should pick a leaf from Rwanda that has closed its border with Uganda and its economy has not collapsed.

FDC says president Museveni’s decision to keep the trucks and therefore COVID -19 coming into the country is out of self interest and apart from financial accountability, is the greatest failure in the country’s fight against COVID -19.

According to Amuriat, up to date, a majority of the cases of COVID-19 that the country has suffered were imported first through Entebbe International Airport when the authorities failed to act swiftly to close that point of entry, and then later and still ongoing through truck drivers crossing into the Ugandan boarders.

FDC adds that its not fair that majority of Ugandans citizens are suffering after respecting the stay home directive as a preventive measure yet they continue to listen to president Museveni’s monotonous addresses to the Nation that it would be suicidal to stop trucks carrying goods into or through the country and yet on the other hand saying he is not worried about the economy after COVID-19.

FDC is now demanding that all Ugandan borders crossings be closed with immediate effect in order to safeguard the lives of Ugandans or failure to do so, any Ugandan who will riot will have a right to do so.