Female taxi operators want bylaws in place to protect them n job

By Alice Nalubwama
Plan international Uganda has called stake holders in the transport business to make by-laws and policies that can guide the operations of the female conductors with in the business.

Lydia Tebekanya the coordinator of the safer cities adolescent girls project at plan international says because they are few than the male conductors in the transport business they are abused by both the passengers and their bosses, the drivers who at times sexually harass them in order to keep their jobs.

Allen Mukiibi a third year student at Muteesa Royal university Mengo is one of the female taxi operators in Kampala city.

She decided to join the business on realizing that her parents were not able to raise her tuition fees and requirements.

“We are seven children, and when I finished senior six, my parents could not raise all my school fees, so i decided to look for a job in order to raise part of my fees and requirements.”

Mukiibi works for five days in a week and on weekends she goes for her studies, but her biggest challenge as works in a taxi is those men who always touch her private parts, telling her how she was so young to do that kind of job.

“But me I don’t care about what people say because, when I get money I buy my requirements at school and even pay part of my fees.” Annet Mukibi now advises other young girls not to despise any job where they can get income to earn a living.