Finance minister called to explain why youth fund was moved

By Alice Lubwama
The budget committee of parliament chaired by Ntenjeru North MP Amos Lugolobi has summoned the state minister for finance in charge of planning David Bahati to give a justification on why government is shifting the youth livelihood fund to state house.

This comes after the Gender committee of parliament chaired by Alex Ndezi presented a report on the budget frame work paper of Gender ministry and object to the proposal of shifting over 66 billion shillings youth revolving fund to state from this ministry.

Ndezi also MP representing the disabled people from Central region said that if this money is taken to state house ,the purpose of which it was created will change.

Nakasongola woman MP Margrate Komuhangi proposal hat the whole program be scrapped instead of crippling it by shifting most of the funds to state house.

” What shall will tell the youth when they ask as about the money,there is need to have a policy change if these funds are to be shifted.

Meanwhile the chairperson of the finance committee of parliament Henry Musasizi supported the move ,saying the money will now reach the beneficiaries , since many youth have complained over the distribution.

“Let’ us give it a benefit of time to see the implementation process because we have seen a number of projects done under state house being successful.”