Fisherman arrested for stealing ATM card

By Robert Ssegawa

Police in Entebbe have arrested a fisher man for stealing ATM cards.

Wandera Geoffrey , a resident of Abaita babiri was nabbed after a 72 old woman reported to police that he had stolen her card.

It is alleged that Wandera entered an ATM enclosure and pretended to be helping her , and in the process,he switched his fake ATM card with that of the victim , which was rejected by the machine.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire Kampala metropolitan deputy police spokesman upon searching , the suspect was found in possession of seven stolen ATM cards registered in different names. .

Owoyesigyire adds that the other two credit cards had faded identities.

He further advised all people to at all time remain vigilant while at ATM points and not to seek for any help from strangers .