25 years in jail for incest

Four jailed for murdering business man in Mityana

By Sania Babirye

The Kampala High Court has handed a life in prison sentence to four men who were convicted of murdering Mityana business man Kasadha Mulinde Kimbugwe over land wrangles in 2019.

Kampala High Court Judge Wilson Kwesiga has stated that the sentence is to serve as a punishment since the convicts killed the deceased in a cruel manner.

The four led by Ibrahim Muyingo the area LC1 chairperson of Minana-Galabi were on Monday convicted by the same court on grounds that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to prove the said murder.

However, Justice Kwesiga acquitted the other two accused including Rev.Fr.Lawrence Muduse Yawe over the said murder.

Prosecution states that the accused persons on August 7th 2019 at Minana-Galabi village, Ttamu Division, Mityana municipality in the Mityana District, unlawfully with malice aforethought killed a one Kasadha Mulinde Kimbugwe.

According to evidence adduced by Prosecutions, the deceased was found with his his head cut off by the accused persons over a one square mile land.

The head was found near the homes of the convicts who had publicly threatened to kill him.

Prosecution also claimed that on that fateful day, the deceased before he met his death was moving around the village, giving out letters to tenants who were squatting on his land which covered four villages including, Minana, Galabi, Jabukw and Jamuvole in Tamu Division in Mitiyana.