French folk dancers to grace the French-Uganda friendship week

By Gloria Nakiyimba
Ugandans will have a unique opportunity to see for the first time French folk dancers free of charge during the French-Uganda Friendship week scheduled to run from 16-23 March.
On 18th March a day dedicated to tourism during the week, Ugandans will be treated to three French folk dances from Brittany and Corsica regions of France.

France’s Ambassador to Uganda Her Excellence Stephanie Rivaol, says these dances will include Java, danse Breton from Brittany her home region, and the French Cancan at Ndere Center on the tourism day.

“You will have the danse Breton; you will see how we do this, how my grandmother did this. The only dance with two people that the French ever invented is the Java so you can see how this is danced. The French cancan is a dance with beautiful ladies, who are very athletic, and will be demonstrated in the way they dance with ability to strikingly show their legs “said Ambassador Rivaol.

According to the Ambassador, typical Ugandan dances will also be performed on this day. “The Karamajong will be represented, the Central region of Uganda will be represented but these are professional dancers and they will dance for your pleasure”.
The 19th of March will be dedicated to Fashion. The main objective is to spark Ugandan interest for French fashion and French interest for Ugandan fashion. Ugandan designers led by Stella Ataal and French designers will have an opportunity to show case their work.

Italian Ambassador Domenico Formara says a fashion contest will be held on the 22nd of March at Sheraton Hotel.
“We have asked as many Ugandan young talented fashion designers to propose their ideas and outfits. The best twenty will be displaying their beautiful outfits on the catwalk together with an Italian fame Lady B “Ambassador Formara explained.

The best designers of the contest will be flown to Italy for three weeks internship all expenses paid for by Italian embassy.
The opening Francophonie day on 16 March will be dedicated to music and dance among other activities to inspire the exploration of French language and culture to promote cultural diversity and mutual understanding between Uganda and France.

The defense and security collaboration between Uganda and France will be celebrated on 20th March.
“We have to pay respect to the people who are protecting us everywhere. Back home in my country to really thank the French army for what they are doing for us, most of the time they are in the shadows, and of course what the UPDF is doing for the world at large to prevent terrorism from spreading in Somalia” Ambassador Rivaol explained.

The week will be crowned with a rugby match between the Uganda XV Cranes against the French Pacific Military XV at Kyadondo Rugby stadium on 23rd March. The chief guest will the First lady and minister for Education and Sports Janet Musveni.

“You shall fear the French military rugby team from the Pacific. They will come with a very special Haka dance;the one that is liquefying the other team before the match actually starts” she warned.
Of course, a rugby match is not a match without a music concert. Singers Eddy Kenzo, King Saha, Lady Jasmine, Vinka, Beenie Gunter, Cyndi, Fik Fameica and many others have been lined for the great concert that will close the Friendship week.