Fuel companies to pay more attention to climate change issues

By Deo Wasswa/Patricia Osman

Fuel companies want government to invest more in use of alternative cooking fuels to enable the country mitigate the challenges of climate change.

Gilbert Assi, Vivo energy Managing director says if government invests in use of alternative fuels then there will be a significant reduction in the rate of lumbering as communities depend much on charcoal for cooking.
“Climate change is still a big challenge which developing countries Uganda inclusive should address urgently” he said.

He says as a company, they are ready and willing to partner with government to ensure that Ugandans have access to clean cooking technologies and fuels adding that People traditionally have had a limited choice of fuels, primarily due to availability, affordability, and accessibility.

Studies show that because most trees in Uganda can be used to make charcoal deforestation is indiscriminate in charcoal trade.

The majority of wood harvested from forested areas is for household consumption. Wood is also harvested to make wood related products, for building and industry.

According to report by the Food Agricultural Organization FAO between 1990 and 2005 Uganda lost 26% of its forests and that 21.8% of the rural population live in areas of high woody biomass deficit.
Research shows that 0.8% of Ugandans use cooking gas while 72% use firewood.

Assi also noted that this year the company’s major focus will be improving the existing shell fuel stations to serve clients better.