My longtime boyfriend wont marry me because I didn’t go to University

It is pretty cold this afternoon and I hope you are warming up with the music on Am-PM show right here on Capital FM with me, Flavia. Well, I today’s girl talk Jessica wrote to me saying,

“I have been dating my boyfriend since 2010 and for so long, we had never talked about getting married but when my young sis got married recently, I told him to tell me what his plans are for us getting married and he said something so disturbing to me. He said he cant marry someone who didn’t finish university, I had my own issues and after high school I just decided to have a small business and I have always said I would go back to school but since I had some success in my business I didn’t do it. I honestly think its his way of chasing me away because is that a valid reason not to marry someone you have dated all these years??? please advise how do handle this?