Gender ministry partners with institutions to help migrant laborers

By Alice Lubwama
The ministry of gender labor and social development has partnered with Institutions that were accredited by government to offer pre-dispatcher training for migrant maids to develop a curriculum that will suite international standards.

During a consultation meeting in Kampala, the chairperson of the migrant labor trainer’s association Florence kata said that the training has helped the maids to reduce on the mistakes they would make leading them to abuses.

Kata added that so far they have trained about 25000 maids who have gone abroad and their intention is to create a national brand that will compete globally.

In May last year the ministry of gender labor and social development accredited 10 institutions in Uganda to offer pre-dispatcher training for migrant maids, on realizing that many lacked practical skills that would enable them complete their contracts.
“Our clients are giving us feedback that those complaints of failed performances or contract completion in the destination countries because the workers are ignorant of their skills have reduced. Which means we are creating an impact, Kata said.”

She also notes that the institutions are training maids only from companies that are licensed by Government to export labor. In January 2016, government banned the recruitment and deployment of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia and other countries, citing inhumane treatment by employers.

The training covers topics such as psycho social issues, practical skills and management of finances abroad.

But in 2017 the ban was lifted after the ministry of gender claimed that it had put all necessary measures to ensure that the house maids are protected where ever they go to work.