Government hails industries with best safety practices

By Moses Kidandi

The Government has started recognition of various company’s for setting up best practices for the benefit of their employees while at work.

The recognition from the ministry of gender labor and social development is in line with companys that have ensured best safety standards mainly providing working facilities like safety gear,provision of elevators in their building structures and provision of walk ways for persons with disabilities.

The first recognition went to the century bottling company limited, manufacturers of Coca Cola products is meant to encourage other companies have best practices in ensuring the safety of their employees at work.

The public affairs and communications manager century bottling company Moreen Kyomuhendo is urging fellow industrialists to borrow from their experience and ensure the safety of their staff at workplace.

Over 200 workers get injured while others get killed as a result of accidents at work places which has been attributed to lack of safety gears.