Government urged to implement taxes

By Alice Lubwama

The executive Director National Planning Authority Dr. Joseph Muvawala proposes that government starts   evaluating its taxes on an annual basis, to know how much is spent on getting the taxes.

While speaking during the annual CEO forum in Kampala today, Muvawala said that Government has always come up with new taxes, but has never taken time to assess the cost of collecting the taxes and the benefits to the people who pay them.

Muvawala noted that the country has the best policies for the different sectors but the strategy to implement them still lacks consequently limiting development.

The boss for the planning body in the country says that Government should not  stop at writing good plans for the country and leave other countries to copy and implement them . He now calls on the chief executive officers to advice government on how best it can implement its plans or policies.

Uganda Revenue Authority is expected to collect 17 trillion shillings in this financial year 2018/19, up from 15trillion shillings   tax targeted last financial year.

According to economic researchers, Uganda revenue authority needs to use a technology to detect users of the social media to be able to collect the daily 200 social media tax. On top of the social media tax, government also increased excise duty on mobile money and bank charges from 10% to 15% .