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Heads of cultural institutions asked to be part of first ever annual art and culture day

By Alice Lubwama

Uganda will be hosting the first annual art and culture day at the national theater starting 3rd next month in a bid to promote Uganda’s culture.

The executive director of the Uganda cultural center Francis Peter Ojede says that the event will attract art and culture lovers to celebrate the rich culture in the Uganda.

He has also asked the heads of cultural institutions to be part of the event to showcase the various diversities in art and culture so as to promote them.

Ojede noted that the intention of this event is to market Uganda’s arts and culture and to discuss ways how women and youth can create employment out from them.

‘We have also organized a symposium at the national theater that will discuss ways how the youth and women can create employment arising from art and culture.

There will be an exhibition for the art works and storytelling from different cultures to know how they were formed.

“I call upon  all the artists and art lovers to come for the event because they will also be live firms which will be educative for the children”.

Uganda has diverse heritage comprising of 65 indigenous tribes with distinguished music, culture, dance and joy performances to showcase. Ojede said. The Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) is a statutory body that was established by the Uganda National Cultural Center Act, of 1959.

The center is charged with the mandate of providing and establishing theaters and cultural centers in the country, encouraging and developing cultural and artistic activities.

The Center has two main components: the National Theatre and the Nommo Gallery, both of which are located in central Kampala.

Government recently spent over 3billion shillings to renovate the
Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) also known as the National

CULTURE   is the social behavior and norms found in communities.

Uganda has a number of regions and tribes; each tribe has its own
kingdom and traditional dance.

Cultures and traditions are also expressed through a wide range of
arts and Crafts made from wood, Papyrus reeds and local materials

The Drum is the common symbol in   Uganda culture , for sending
particular messages to the intended audience such as
ritual ceremonies, drums are also  used for the last funeral rites,
traditional worship, king installation, exorcism, circumcision and

Drums are also used for entertainment.