Hearing of the case against traffickers starts

By Sania Babirye

Relatives of man who was illegally recruited to the United Arab Emirates in promise of a job which he never got in the end have sobbed tears at Buganda road court as they narrated how their relative suffered in Dubai before he was returned and died eventually.

The victim is a one Njirwe Moses and was recruited by a one Arcadian Oliva promising him a job of carpentry when he reached in Dubai.

The case had come up for hearing before Buganda Road court chief magistrate court.

According to one of the relative Namakula Hadijah, her and the deceased met the suspect around old taxi park in October 2018 and paid in cash the last one million shillings out of the four million shlings to finalise Njirwe’s travel documents including a VISA.

She informed court that, the suspect instructed them to pay cash but not use mobile money and that after the said payment, Njirwe final went to Dubai hoping to start working at the beginning of November 2018.

However, the witness told court that after only staying two weeks in Dubai , Njirwe called them and informed them that he had been abandoned with no work or place to stay.

She further revealed that they contacted the suspect who had taken Njirwe but instead the suspect connected them to another person who asked them to send 1.5 million shillings to feed and shelter their relative.

Namakula added that since they did not have the said money they begged the suspect to have Njirwe returned back home and he eventually returned at the end of 2018 but shortly died after an illness.

The relatives now want court to compel the suspect to refund back their money since their relative never got the job promised.

These also told court that they borrowed the money to have their relative travel for greener pastures and that they are at the verge of being arrested because they cannot pay back the money they borrowed.

They also insist that the suspect had promised to refund back their money before Njirwe left but since then, all efforts to have her refund the said money have been futile.

The suspect is charged with three counts including Trafficking in person, obtaining money by false pretense and illegal recruitment of Ugandan Migrant woker abroad, charges she all denies.

Prosecution states that in the month of May 2018 in the Kampala district, the suspect recruited transported and transferred Njirwe to the United Arab Emirates by means of fraud and deception for purposes of exploitation.

The suspect is also accused of obtaining four million Uganda shillings from a one Claire Mbabazi by falsely pretending that they were taking Njiwre for a job in Dubai whereas not.

Prosecution further contends that the suspect while at old Kampala in Kampala districts without a license of labor recruitment, recruited a one Njiwre to the United Arab Emirates Dubai for a foreign employment.

The case has further been adjourned to the 15th of May.