Hoima district leaders worry about increasing number of Congolese immigrants

By Annah Nafula

Increasing number of Immigrants in Bunyoro worries leaders. Joseline Nyangoma, the district Natural resource Officer worries that the large number of Congolese flocking into Bunyoro through Kigorobya is causing too much pressure on the natural resources in the area.

Speaking to media on World Chimpazee day, Nyangoma added, “Many of these foreigners have introduced new economic activities that are pausing challenges to the environment. In a bid to survive these immigrants are cutting down trees, both for charcoal and farm land.”

This has in turn escalated the deforestation rates in Hoima district that is worrying conservationists in the country. Hoima district and the Bunyoro region has been known over the years to have the biggest forest cover in Uganda.

Nyagoma therefore urges government to establish immigration offices on the shores of Lake Albert so as to keep track of the people coming in the country through Lake Albert.