Hospitals registering many cases of anemia among pregnant mothers

By Moses Kidandi
The Government is registering a high increase in a number of anemia cases mainly in children and expectant mothers.

This has been attributed to poor feeding habits and several unknown reasons which are now being investigated by the Ministry of Health.

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng who has expressed concern over the growing concerns was speaking at the launch of the Nutrition Society of Uganda at Makerere University school of food science.

The minister has how ever said Government has developed new strategies to address the challenges. She is now encouraging parents to start feeding them selves and their children with foods rich in iron.

Anemia in pregnant women has been attributed to their laxity in taking the recommended care and iron tablets as they under go antenatal care from health centers.

The senior economist in the office of the Prime Minister Galiwango Samuel while presenting a paper on key government strategies at the launch noted that the cases registered are worrying and recommended that mothers feed their children on fiber foods like Sweet potatoes, vegetables and beans from the routine served meals of posho, rice and other jack foods.