Hotels send their employees on unpaid leave due to lockdown

By Sania Babirye
Two of the leading hotels in Uganda have sent their staff on leave due to the ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown that has forced them to close business.

These have released notices stating that their employees will receive their April and March salaries but might recieve half salaries in May or not be paid at all.

According to Serena Hotel management, if the Lockdown is not lifted and the current situation doesn’t improve, all its members will be sent on unpaid leave from June until further notice. It further states that contracts of their staff members that expired by March 31st this year will not be renewed.

Meanwhile, Sheraton says all staff members by 1st May will be sent on unpaid leave if the current situation does not change.

Sheraton and Serena hotel have both issued notices to their staff saying since they are not getting clients the said measures will be undertaken until the lockdown ends.