Infrastructure is more than roads say Badagawa

By Robert Segawa

Logistics companies under the umbrella body Uganda Freight Forwarders Association ( UFFA)  have asked government to widen their scope onl infrastructure.

Over the years government has put emphasis on roads, railway, and airport expansion but UFFA members say it has not been enough.

This call was made by Gideon Badagawa the executive director of private sector foundation during a press briefing on global convention logistics 2018 to take place 17th to 18th September in Kampala.

Badagawa said that infrastructure should also include storage hubs, skilled drivers, clearing agents, putting favorable transport and clearing policies in place to create more efficiency in the movement of goods across the East African region.

He also added that government should involve it’s self in savings and investing in order to stabilize the market and easy connectivity.