Intelligence officers warned against rumors

By Deo Wasswa

The Africa Union special envoy to Somalia, Ambassador Francis Gaetano Madeira has urged the intelligence officers in East African community and Intergovernmental authority on development members states to have skills that will help them differentiate rumors from truth.

According to him, rumors are dangerous and can destabilize the region. He adds that eliminating rumors from the public is one of the tasks of the intelligence officers.

He made remarks during the 5th meeting of the heads of intelligence and security services of the member states of Intergovernmental authority on development and east African community

The two day conference is aimed at strengthening systems on exchanging security communications to curb the emerging security threats in the region.

Alongside the conference, the member state have launch of the eastern Africa regional fusion and liaison unit in Entebbe to strengthen the flow and exchanging of information on securing in the region.

During the launch, the Director General of Internal Security Organization Col Kaka Bagyenda underscored the need to increasing cooperation between intelligence agencies in the region.  

Col Kaka who is also the chairman of the Joint intelligence agencies noted that Uganda is committed to ensuring that the center is operationalized to strengthen synergies and cooperation.

He expresses confidence that the center will go a long way in helping IGAD, and EAC member states to better address existing and emerging security threats.