Isiko case dismissed after MP fails to show up

By Sania Babirye
Buganda road court has dismissed a case in which a 25 year old YMCA student Brian Isiko was charged with stalking Woman Member of Parliament for Kabarole district Sylvia Rwabwoogo by sending her unsolicited love messages.

Grade one magistrate Stella Amarbilisi dismissed the said charges against Isiko after the MP refusing to appear in court to pin Isiko despite being summoned by court.

And as a result, the magistrate has ruled that since the alleged victim has refused to come to court on four different occasions, then it would be a wastage of time against the accused if court kept on with the case which the alleged victim seems to have lost interest in

She then dismissed the case and ordered court to refund Isiko’s bail money.
Isiko’s lawyer Waiswa Ramathan from Katuntu and company advocates has welcomed the Court’s decision and hopes to seek for damages for wasting his client’s time and money in a a baseless case.
Since May 2019, the court was even forced to issue criminal summons to Rwabwoogo after failing to turn up in court on several occasions.