ISO son to argue temporary insanity

Prosecution in the murder case against the son of ISO director Col. Kaka Bayenda has revealed that the plea bargaining deal with the suspect has failed.

On the 12th of December, Bagyende with his lawyer Nsubuga Mubiru asked High court judge Anthony Ojok Oyuko to allow him plead guilty to charges of murdering his girlfriend Enid Twijukye in exchange of a lighter sentence.

Today both parties were meant to inform court about the progress of their discussions but instead prosecution’s Koseph Kyomuhendo informed court that the negotiations have failed asking for a full trial for the suspect.

However senior criminal lawyer representing Brian Bagyenda told court that his client is still interested in the plea bargaining adding that by the time the alleged murder took place, Bagyende was on medical treatment at Butabika Hospital.

Nsubuga explained that his client was under temporary insanity when the alleged offense of murder was committed.

Nsubuga has now asked for a two week adjournment to see if the plea bargaining deal will be successful.

Meanwhile lawyer Mungriek James, representing Bagyenda’s two accused has informed that his clients are not interested in any any plea bargaining deal and ready to go for a full trial.

Now the case has been adjourned until January 14th 2019 for hearing and further remanded until then.

In march this year, Nakawa court grade one magistrate Noah Ssajabi committed Bagyenda and his two co accused after state prosecutor Joyce Anyango informed court that investigations into the case are complete.

These were charged on the 1st of February 2017

Bagyenda who is a Pharmacist is jointly charged together with Bainomugisha Innocent a cleaner and a casual labor Vicent Rwahwire.

Prosecution states that on the 4th of January 2017 at Luzira , Njobe road in Kampala district , Bagyenda together with his co-accused with malice a fore thought murdered 22 yr old Enid Twijukye a student at Ndejje university and dumped her body in Namanve forest; 11Kms away from the scene of crime.