“No Love” audio is out.

J.C Muyonjo: “No Love” audio is out.

By Tukundane Yonna

J.C Muyonjo a finalist at Kyambogo University has released a new audio entitled NO LOVE. The song examines whether love is very commercial or a sacred priceless feeling we get to share with someone else.

NO LOVE was written as an observation Muyonjo made on several occasions after becoming consciously aware of the what people claim love is.

According to Muyonjo, majority of people have a price tag to love whether they admitted it or not. The industrial fine art student derives this theory from actions from making a strong impression with a special gift on Valentine’s Day to paying bride price.

This song was written from the perspective of the guy. The production of this song was not simple because Muyonjo and his producer Abaasa were separated by continents.

The guitarist and song writer recorded several guitar notes and vocal takes on his phone and sent them to Abaasa who is in California studying a degree in sound engineering by email and Facebook. After a couple of email, a final product was reached hence NO LOVE.

The final editing was done at C19 studios where it was mixed and mastered by the sound engineer Nel Muhire.