Justice Barishaki’s independent judgment declares lifting of age limit

By Sania Babirye

On the lifting of the presidential age limit,Justice Barishaki  ruled that   the minimum and maximum age -limits do not tantamount to discrimination.

Justice Barishaki says that the peoples sovereignty and is not taken away by just amending the provisions on age and that age restrictions can be amended.
Justice Barishaki has further ruled that age restrictions can not be deemed as part of the values of the constitution and that  Parliament followed all the  required  procedures to amend the Articles relating to the lifting of  presidential age-limit which makes the act not only  valid but constitutional.
Justice Barishaki has ruled that evidence shows that there were wide consultations, debate, certificate of financial compliance, by both the speaker of parliament and president Museveni assented to it.
In conclusion he has ruled that parliament was in its constitutional mandate while amending the presidential age limit and the lifting of the presidential age limit is valid.
The court has adjourned for an hour and will return with the second justice delivering his or her judgement.
He has  also awarded  costs to petitioners  since their petition partially succeeds and the fact that they have incurred costs from Kampala to Mbale district where petition was heard.