Justice Kavuma denies stealing family property

By Sania Babirye
The now Retired Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma has defended himself over allegations he stole a property  from the family of his late foster Mother Margret Nannozi Ddungu who died in 2017.
According to his  notes filed in the mediation registry at the  Land division of the Highcourt, Justice Kavuma says the late Nannozi was his guardian from the age of 3 years and that  when she made a will on the 5th of December 2011 voluntarily, before her death,  she named a one Erina Nabwami as her customary heir but bequeathed him the  contentious property  found  on  block 265,  plot 410 at Mutundwe.
Justice Kavuma further explains that he has witnesses witnesses including a one Christine Making and Margret Mukasa to prove that he is the rightful administrator of the estate and that the late Nannozi was never coarsed into making the will .
Kavuma  has also denied forcing the late to leave her home and 0 stay at  with him at his home in Nsambya by the time of her death on the 16th of September 2017, saying she willingly and at her own free will decided to stay with him.
  Now justice  Kavuma has asked court to dismiss  the case in which the family of his late foster Mother led by a one Ronald Ssebirumbi is accusing him of forcefully declaring himself  as the sole administrator and owner of the estate of the late Nannozi.
Ssebirumbi together with six other people want court to evict Justice Kavuma from the said land saying they are the right beneficiaries of the  estate of the late Nannozi being her blood relatives.
However court is yet to set a date to see that both parties can reach an out of court settlement through mediation.