The European Union will host the annual Business Expo and food festival dubbed ‘3 days in Europe ‘ in Uganda  from 6th to 8th May this year.

The 3 day -long event organized at Sheraton hotel aims at facilitating business development, trade partnership as well as cultural exchange between European and Uganda.

Speaking to the media ahead of the event, the European Union Ambassador to Uganda, Kristian SCHMIDT, has noted that the event will highlight trade opportunities alongside cultural diversity and exchange.

The Expo in association with embassies, missions and private business will address opportunities in renewable energy, agriculture, performing arts, tourism, trade investment, and value enhancement for export as well as skills development for sustainable growth.

Meanwhile, Shawn Kimuli, the programs controllers at Capital radio one of the sponsors of the Business forums has noted that the event will provide a platform to strengthen and develop the EU and Uganda economic ties. He is appealing to the business community to use this platform to show case different business skills and also acquire skills from other participants.