Kampala likely to face fresh lock down

By Moses Kidandi

The government of Uganda has revealed that it will announce a lock down on Kampala Central Business District (CBD) if people working and living in Kampala continue neglecting and ignoring Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that were issued by the Ministry of Health, in a bid to prevent the spread of Corona virus (COVID-19) in Uganda.

The revelation comes few days after Uganda registered two COVID-19 deaths.

The minister for Kampala Betty Amongi said that cabinet has resolved to institute a COVID-19 lock down specifically for Kampala, after observing that the city is increasingly becoming a hub for COVID-19 infections.

Amongi says that the said lock down will be effected in two weeks time, if nothing is done to help the situation.

The minister adds that the decision is based on advise from scientists who are warning that Ugandans in Kampala have continued to ignore Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)like wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and others.
She says Kampala will close down to save other parts of the country.