Kampala tycoons fight: Traders shuts-down business due to closure of Arcades.


Business has been paralyzed in the city center following the closure of several arcades belongs to two worrying land Lords. The closure of buildings forced the traders to conduct their businesses from the city streets protesting the closure of buildings where they have been operating from.

Some of the several buildings closed are Naiga arcade, City Plaza, Atlantic textile, Zai Plaza, Money center, Jesco arcade, Nabukera and many more arcades on different streets of Kampala belongs to two property Mogul Drake Lubega and Manisulu Matovu alias Young.

According to Joel Matovu a trader operating business on money center, they got shocked to day morning to find their place of works Arcade locked with several padlocks without giving them reason why the building is closed. Traders have blocked road like Market Street road in a protest saying unless their building opened they will not vacate the road, and others were seen holding placards stopping motorists from using the road wants government to intervene because for the trader’s they paid their rent dues.

This also prompted the police to deploy heavily down town for any possible out come.

Drake Lubega and Maninsour Matovu Alias young agrees to close all their building in protest accusing the government failure to resolves the conflict of light full owner of a land that houses Qualicel arcade and Nabukera arcade that Charles Muhangi also claim that the land belongs to him.


This comes after the office of the Solicitor general issues two conflicting letters to both parties of Drake Lubega and Charles Muhangi confirming each the ownership of the land that housing the two arcades Qualicel bus terminal and Nabukera.

This week on Monday , Charles Muhangi produced court order to police asking force the force to evict the Manager of Lubega and Young amidst live bullets.The two business men Drake Lubega and Young both accusing Charles Muhangi of planning to grab their buildings.

According to Issa Ssekito the Kacita spokesperson blames the government for failing to resolve the matter of that land that lasts for 13 good years.