Kananura wins land case

By Sania Babirye

The court of appeal has declared that Kampala businessman Andrew Kansiime commonly known as Desh Kananura is the rightful owner of a three acre land housing his Panamera bar and other businesses located on plot 20 to plot 30 along Saddler Way in Naguru in Kampala district.

The said land was being claimed by Himalaya Traders Limited, Kamukamu Associates Limited, Treasure Trove Uganda Limited, Singh Jetwant, Singh Gulzar, Jamil Kiyemba, Commissioner Land Registration and Uganda Land Commission.

However, three justices of the Court of Appeal led by Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera have declared Kananura as the rightful owner.

The courts registra Susan Kanyange while reading the judgement ruled that the respondents, illegally acquired the leases and titles from Uganda Land Commission and awarded Kananura costs.

The ruling comes after in 2011, Kananura dragged the said traders to court on grounds that he was the bonafide tenant and entitled to be registered as owner and a certificate issued to him accordingly.

The said respondents had certificates but Kananura told court that they had acquired the said tittles through fraudulent means and that they were granted leases of the said land in violation and contempt of a court order issued in 2008 where he was declared the lawful owner of the land.

The respondents however had asked court to dismiss Kananura’s appeal on ground that by the time they git the leases, the said land was unoccupied and undeveloped.

They had also claimed that by the time, the Uganda Land Commission told them mo one owned the said land