Judge speaks out on why Mathew Kanyamunyu was denied bail.

Judge speaks out on why Mathew Kanyamunyu was denied bail.

By Sania Babirye

High court judge Yasin Nyanzi has revealed that his reason for denying Mathew Kanyamunyu bail is because he is likely to interfere in the going investigations.

Justice Nyanzi told court that he was persuaded by the affidavit of state Attorney Barbra Masinde that the key suspect has the capacity to interfere with witnesses and evidence which was revealed to him while being committed by the Nakawa Magistrates court to the High Court to face trial.

Justice Nyanzi noted that although Kanyamunyu still enjoys the presumption of innocence he is facing serious murder allegations preferred on him by the DPP and that court still has the duty to protect society from lawlessness.

On the 28th of this week Justice Nyanzi granted bail to Joseph Kanyamunyu a brother to Mathew and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari on grounds that the two were mere accessories to the murder of Keneath Akena social worker according to evidence by the DPP.

However Mathew Kanyamunyu still has two options including an appeal against justice Nyanzi’s decision in the court of appeal or wait to be tried by high court.

This is the second time that Mathew Kanyamunyu  is being denied bail after high court judge Elizabeth Kabanda denied granting him bail for failing to present substantial ground like poor health or old age.

Photo Credit: Chimp Reports