Kasango to be buried in Fortportal

By Sania Babirye

Kampala High court Judge Lydia Mugambe rules that the late lawyer Bob Kasango should be buried in Fortportal as sought by his wife Nice Kasango Bitarabeho.

This is after Bitarabeho dragged Kasongo’s mother Rosie Kabise to court accusing her of frustrating her late son’s wishes to be buried in Fortportal instead of Tororo were she comes from.

Kasango’s wife while testifying in court revealed that her husband had fallen out with his relatives including his mother many years ago and that that is why he bough a large piece of land to settle with their children and burial upon death.

He passed away in Luzira prison on the 18th of February due to heart failure were he was serving a 15 year jail sentence after anti corruption Court in 2018 convicted him of embezzling 15 million shillings worth pensioners money.

His remains had since then been held at a funeral home after the two family sides failed to agree on where to bury him.