President Museveni says Shs. 6 billion ‘handshake’ was deliberate

Kigezi residents advised to follow president’s directives on COVID-19

By Robert Ssegawa

The head of Community Policing Department in the Uganda Police Force, ACP Anatoli Muleterwa has called upon Local authorities in Kigezi region to work hand in hand with the security agencies to fight the spread of COVID-19 along border lines.

Muleterwa made the call while meeting with the local leaders and heads of security at the border lines of Bunagana, Cyanika, Katuna and Mirama hills Kikagati,and Mutukula respectively.

Muleterwa says the only way to prevent COVID-19 and enforcement of presidential directives can only be effective by mobilizing the community and their leaders, by mobilizing the communities and sensitizing them on issues of how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, step up vigilance, alertness on borders and patterning to fight other general crimes and ensure there community support, as you are aware the nature of the borders along these areas being porous in nature.