Kitata’s plea to leave jail hangs in balance

By Sania Babirye
The leader of  the now defunct Boda-Boda 2010  Abdallah Kitata will have to wait a little Longer to see if he might get a temporary release from jail.
This is after the General court martial sitting in Makindye failed to pronounce itself on his bail application due to its busy calender.
The seven member court chaired by Lt. Gen.Andrew Gutti  today remanded Kitata back to Makindye military police barracks until the 21st of this May despite having set today as the ruling date.
Today, Kitata through his lawyer Shaban Sanya begged the court to determine his bail  or set an earlier date on grounds that his life can not contain the harsh life he is subjected to while on remand.
Among these harsh conditions that Kitata alleged include the fact that he is not allowed to perform his five obligatory daily prayers as a Muslim and a tiny jail cell that he is living in without lift.
However the court ruled otherwise and adjourned his bail ruling until the 21st of May saying they are currently busy.
Kitata applied  to be temporarily released from prison  where he has been on remand since February /2018 on grounds he has a terrible health condition  which can not be adequately treated while he is on remand at Makindye police Military barracks and that he can not perform his duties as a sole bread winner for his family and those duties as NRM Rubaga division vice chairman among others .
However state maintains that Kitata should not be granted bail because he is likely to abscond from bail and interfere with investigations.
Kitata and 12 others are charged with  unlawful possession of firearms and Military gear.
Kitata   faces  5   counts of being in unlawful possession of an SMG gun, 3 pistols  and 50 rounds of live ammunition that  prosecution states were  found on him on 18th/January 2018 at vine hotel in Wakaliga.
 According to   Prosecution the above items   are  only a monopoly of the UPDF.