Kyagulanyi promises to return Busoga to her former glory

By Sania Babirye and Deo Wasswa

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has urged people of Busoga to vote wisely if they are tired of poverty.

While addressing people in the districts of Mayuge and Iganga, Kyagulanyi said that poverty has made all people in Busoga prisoners in their own country.

He noted that efforts by communities to grow sugarcane will continue being useless in the fight against poverty because this kind poverty is political and is the reason communities have no control over their plantations and prices.

Dilapidated Education institutions in Busoga were among key things that Kyagulanyi cited which he says if elected, he will work on them.

Kyagulanyi also sympathized with the fishing community in Busoga region who are now jobless after the Army took control of the lake in the area.

He also has promised to revive the glory of the people of Busoga, the NUP big man says that the ruling party has killed the glory of this great region.

He also stated that many children in Busoga no longer go to school and have been subjected to working in sugarcane gardens which contributes to the high levels of poverty in the region.

He however says that if elected in power, he will make Busoga region shine and return all those things that made the region shine.