Labor and Gender ministry urges women to participate massively in elections

By Daudi Zirimala

The ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development has called upon village women councils to participate fully in the coming Women parish council elections due to take place on Monday 23rd July 2018.

Speaking to the media, the state for Gender and Cultural Affairs Peace Mutuzo Regis said that women councils are machinery for advocating for well being of women in Uganda by providing a platform for airing out views of the people at the grass root.

She said that the ministry of gender is rallying all women to participate in these elections, because they form part of the election committee which scrutinizes women groups to access funding under the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship programme UWEP and effective implementation of Operation Wealth Creation especially among women.

The Parish women’s council is composed of the entire elected village women’s council leaders from all villages in a parish and these will converge to elect from among themselves a five member parish women council executive.