Labor minister says she will not ban labor exporting companies

By Deo Wasswa
Uganda Government will not ban labor exportation to Middle East countries regardless of the growing complaints of the Ugandan domestic workers being mistreated by their employers in these countries.

At the beginning of this week Mukono Municipality area member of parliament, honorable Betty Nambooze Bakireke, implored Parliament to prevail over government to ban labor export companies, over the mistreatment of Ugandans working in Middle Eastern Countries.

Addressing journalists at Uganda media Center minister for Gender, Labour and Social development, Janat Mukwaya said that she is not going to put a ban on labor exportation because it’s not productive.

She note that whether you put a ban or not Ugandan children continue to go abroad due to high level of unemployment in the country, saying they should only focus on finding a best way to place these children abroad.

The minister added that Uganda has signed more bilateral agreements to protect Ugandans working abroad, particularly in the Middle East.

According to her these countries among other includes Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and several other countries to ensure better working conditions for Ugandans working in these countries.

Mukwaya noted that apart from better working conditions, these bilateral agreements are also aimed at reducing unemployment in the country.

Currently statics from the ministry of gender labor and social development shows that there are over 80,000 Ugandans working in Middle Eastern countries.

Minister Janat Mukwaya’s comments come amidst of fresh uproar over the mistreatment of Ugandans working in Middle Eastern Countries.

Last evening Parliament directed the Labour Minister to give a detailed status report to the country, on exported Labor, indicating which Labor export companies were blacklisted and those granted license.