Lawyers ask Bamugemeriere to stop undermining the judiciary

By Deo Wasswa

Some lawyers led by Counsel Allan Peter Musoke have urged the justice Catherine Bamugemereire and her land tribunal to stop undermining and castigating the work that judicially sector is doing in addressing the land disputes in the country.

This follows a press statement that came out in media on 26th this month, where the land  tribunal led by Bamugemereire  revealed that  there some in competencies in judicially sector in the way they are handling land related cases.

While addressing the press conference today in Kampala, council Allan Musoke has noted that the land tribunal has gone beyond its role.

He said, the tribunal should concentrate on its cardinal role other than start to overseeing the way the judicially system executing its mandate.

He added that the judicially system is only allocated 12 billion annual to run the sector which is totally less in comparison to 13 billion shillings  the land tribunal is getting in just six months.

According to him, the land commission seems to say that the judicially is ill equipped to deal with land disputes and now it’s the alternative and it wants to usurp the powers of judicially.

In conclusion the lawyers have noted that the land commission press release was malicious and ill-advised.