Leaders give guidelines on new policy to regulate religious organizations

By Deo Wasswa

Religious leaders under their umbrella organisation, Christian Ecumenical council of Uganda have today handed over a document to the ministry of Ethics and integrity involving suggestions to be considered when drafting the the policy that intends to regulate the operations of religious and faith based organization in the country.

The Christian ecumenical council of Uganda is made up of seven religious and faith based organization which includes, Evangelical Orthodox church, Orthodox Anglican Church, World Wide Church, Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church, Charismatic Episcopal Church, Universal Peace Federation and Anglo Catholic Church.

While handing over the document to Rev. father Simon Lukodo, Bishop Jacinto Kibuka, the head of Evangelical Orthodox church has noted that this is done to ensure their views are captured before drafting this policy.

He added that as consultation are going on, the ministry of ethics and integrity has been only focusing on those tradition churches and this created a fear that they may be left out during the consultations.

While receiving the document, Father Lukodo noted that they are not going to tolerate religious leaders who preach falsehoods and there fore the policy must be in place.

He however called upon religious leaders to be on fore front of supporting this policy other than opposing it.

The consultations are still on going while capturing different view from academia, lawyers, religious leaders and other stake holders and once its done, drafting of the policy will start immediately.