Legislator demands quick compensation for torture victims

By Alice Lubwama

The leader of opposition Betty Aol Ocan wants a human rights fund to be created to have the victims  of torture compensated in time.

While appearing before the legal and parliamentary affairs committee currently scrutinizing the human Rights enforcement bill 2015, Aol said that  there has been a delay to effect the payment to  victims whom have been awarded compensation by the Uganda human rights tribunal yet some of them have undergone torture and cannot work for themselves any more.

This bill seeks to vest all powers of addressing human rights violation in high courts, currently being handled by the Uganda human rights tribunal.

Aol also suggest that human rights offenders should be the ones  to bear the costs to compensate the victims rather than Government  and also be charged and jailed if found guilty with the intention to reduce on the cases of human rights abuses.

According to the   human right reports  torture in detention centers has been  dominating the list of human rights violations.

The latest Uganda human rights report indicate that Uganda Police still tops the list of human rights violators, followed by private individuals and Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) .