Leila Kayondo asks to sing at SK Mbuga’s wedding

Singing diva Leila Kayondo might have given up on her ex-lover tycoon SK Mbuga and moved on since all her efforts to lure him back were fruitless, but truth is that she still misses his dimes.

Leila recently shocked her fans after she begged Mbuga to pay her to be part of the long list of artistes that are expected to entertain guests at his wedding party.

“I want to sing for SK Mbuga and his wife on their wedding day. You know I have a lot of wedding songs like Kankutijise that I would like to sing for them and they pay me some money”, said Leila Kayondo.

This revealed how much Leila misses Mbuga’s dimes and if given chance to date her ex-lover, the Relaxing singer wouldn’t hesitate to take the moneybags back.