Tinea infections could cause balding in the long run

Bald heads to increase due to tinea infection self medication

In Summary
  • Self medication just worsens the condition of the disease
  • Tinea infections take long to be treated to heal
  •  Always wash hands with soap  to prevent tinea infection contraction

Numbers of bald headed Ugandans are likely to increase as parents keep on self-medicating their children found with tinea infections locally known as “ Biguna”.

While speaking to the press, Dr. Ritah Angellah Nazziwa a Specialist Pediatrician at St. Francis hospital Nsambya said that, parents have a tendency of applying creams on children with tinea infections without seeking doctors' advise which is wrong since it negatively affects the hair-growth cells.

Creams work together with tablets to heal tinea infections
Dr.Ritah Angellah Nazziwa

 Nazziwa adds that, to save the new generation from being with bald heads,parents should take this disease serious and and get proper medication from the right doctors.

Dr. Nazziwa also cautioned livestock farmers to carefully handle domestic animals and keep them away from infants to prevent them from the risk of contracting animal related infections. 

She noted that animals always have fungus on their bodies that cause infections such as tinea infections and if children closely get  in touch with them, they can easily contract the disease advising them to clean up their pet animals.

She further advised parents not to allow their children to share clothes and pillows saying that it also leads to contraction of some other skin infections.