Let's skill our children but with caution

In Summary
  • Children should be  introduced to skills that favor them
  • Give children financial discipline lessons
  • Watch the gestures of the children after attaining the skills
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Parents have been urged to critically think before offering or introducing their children to any skills during the ongoing lockdown that has seen schools shut for close to 2 years now.

Patricia Osman the Executive Director High Sound for Children, a civil society organization that advocates for the rights of Children ,noted that skilling the children is a good move as this keeps them busy however consultations should be made before adding that if not the children may lose interest of school once the institutions of learning reopen and rather opt to continue with what they have been doing.

 Osman also cautioned parents on the types of skills they introduce to their children as some of these may do more harm than good.

Children can easily get exposed to unfit behavior such as bad language, sexual violence, physical abuse and many other types and kinds of challenges which can be avoided if a lot more attention is given before a final decision is  made” she adds.

Over skilling children and involving them in domestic financial activities is directly child abuse so parents should provide skills to children that fit their age.

Teach them to carefully spend money even as they grow older they will turn into responsible citizens tomorrow
Patricia Osman

However Osman  talked  about helping and introducing the children into financial discipline especially now that some of them have been exposed to making a penny they shouldn't  carelessly spend this money as they wish.